I grew up in the city of Hamilton, but my heart’s desire was to live in the country. That longing became a reality when my husband, Gary, and I moved to Manitoulin Island in 2000. Gary is a deep thinker and writer and completed his book Turning Signs in 2015. My work was as a self-employed bookkeeper.

As a child I had a drawing experience in Parry Sound at my aunt’s home. I looked out the window and saw a big boat on the water and drew it. At that moment I thought to myself I can draw anything. At the time I did not receive any special encouragement but I knew it was a part of me.

In 2011, I took a drawing class at the Library in Little Current offered through 4elements Living Arts. My teacher was Marc Brzustowski who had the class drawing from start to finish. I was so engaged that I continued to draw everyday between the weekly classes. My childhood awareness was rekindled. In addition to Marc’s classes 4elements offered many art classes and events over 6 years. Most notable was the Reading – Walking Institute, River School and Elemental Excursions.

I have continued to deepen my self-directed art education by taking many of Perivale Gallery’s weekend long summer art classes in Spring Bay since 2012. My favorite teachers are Cathy Boyd, Linda Finn and Lisa Free. I have tried every type of medium and my preference is oil.

My bookkeeping business is winding down and I have more time to devote to painting, reading about art and trips to the AGO and ROM. We have a spare room in the garage I use as a studio. I like to listen to music or podcasts while I paint. Gary often thinks up the titles for my paintings.

While I was in my drawing fervor, I did this pencil sketch of Gary during a winter storm when I couldn’t leave the house. Not sure of the date but my guess is winter of 2012.