Triadic Relation

Last week I started a reread of Gary’s book “Turning Signs” and at the same time broke my left wrist while skiing. Gary says: “We form and reform habits of doing, being, seeing and saying because we are complex adaptive systems…” With my arm in a cast my habits have had to reform and, well, gary’s too since he is now my left hand.

Chapter 1 asks us to have a beginner’s mind and to start again, again and again.

“Perfect readiness to assimilate new associations implies perfect readiness to drop old ones… To be a philosopher, or scientific man, you must be as a little child, with all the sincerity and simple mindedness of the child’s vision, with all the plasticity of the child’s mental habits.” C.S. Peirce

This will be my frame of mind as I read on. I don’t expect to understand it all, just to be open and elastic on this secret mission.

My creative reading goal is to do one drawing or painting for each chapter and post them here. My efforts are an exploration and may not make sense or even be pretty. To begin, I called this drawing a triadic relation, but it isn’t really. A triadic relation is a semiotic term for a sign, object of the sign, and interpretant of the sign. Hmmm, more about signs as i read on in the book.

I was curious about the Klien Bottle and tesseract (4D objects) mentioned and got pretty good at drawing them. The train is from the quote “The train that can be expressed is not the express train” I’ll be taking my time reading through the book and creating visual memories of my journey.


20″ x 30″ oil on canvas

Ontario’s provincial parks owe a lot to artists like the Group of Seven. Killarney Provincial Park began with A. Y. Jackson petitioning the Provincial government to have it preserved as Trout Lake was about to be logged. That lake now bears the name O.S.A. Lake for the Ontario Society of Artists.

During the summer of 2019 on two occasions my daughter Harmony, 5 year old grandson Cole, and me made Chutes Provincial Park home for a spell. This remarkable spot is the backyard of the town of Massey (so close it uses the towns water system).

Chutes park is on the Rivière aux Sables a mighty cascading twisting river that is itself designated as a Provincial Park (waterway class park protects approximately 3,658 hectares including 75 kilometres of the river).

Chutes park is small in size yet has a mighty spectacle on the Twin Bridges Trail – 6 km return (2 hours) moderate. Following the Aux Sables River this hiking trail leads to lookouts at the falls and the Seven Sisters Cataracts where i took many photos of this powerful wonder. This painting is from one of those shots.

If you are ever travelling down Hwy 17 through Massey turn off at the traffic light and within 1 km you will find this spot and a fine sandy beach tucked in a bend in the river below the falls.

Food Glorious Food

Three paintings submitted to Cathy Boyd’s “Food Glorious Food” exhibit. Two sold “Small Potatoes” and “Winter Picnic”. “Dinner for Ryan will be going to Harmony & Ryan’s camp.

Small Potatoes, Oil paint on wood panel, 6 x 6, sold
Winter Picnic, Oil on wood panel, 8 x 10, sold
Dinner for Ryan, oil on canvas, 16 x 20


Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibition at the AGO in Toronto April 26, 2018. 

The 60’s were an explosion of creativity, protest, civil rights and war. Yayoi was right there in the heart of it all from Japan to New York city. She was born in Japan 1929 and still paints in her studio every day. Here are a few quotes from Yayoi Kusama.

“Self-destruction is the only way to peace” 

“Stop nuclear bombs and wars, now/Live your shining life/forever eternally/I sincerely hope that you would view the works I have created with my utmost strength. Let’s sing a song together in praise of humanity facing the universe.” (2011)

Letter to President Nixon,  (1968)

“Our earth is like one little polka dot, among millions of other celestial bodies, one orb full of hatred and strife amid the peaceful, silent spheres. Let’s you and I change all that and make this world a new Garden of Eden.

“Let’s forget ourselves, dearest Richard, and become one with the Absolute, all together in the altogether. As we soar through the heavens, we’ll paint each other with polka dots, lose our egos in timeless eternity, and finally discover the naked truth: You can’t eradicate violence by using more violence. This truth is written in spheres with which I will lovingly, soothingly, adorn your hard masculine body. Gently! Gently! Dear Richard. Calm your manly fighting spirit!”

Materials: oil on leaf covered canvas 12″ x 16″ 

Gary in the obliteration room.