Jackie visited Manitoulin Island this summer. She is a special friend of Karen (see Friendship). We hiked and went swimming at Misery Bay Provincial Park. Along the way we stopped at the sweetest self serve take out where there was homemade baking, natural ointments, fresh vegetables and the like. Places like this supply local food and you put the money in a can. This requires trustworthiness and we have a chance to burnish this gem of the spirit.

“Jackie” NEMI Painterspace #3 Nov 2022

Mississagi Strait

If you get a chance to visit Manitoulin Island and take drive to the far western end you will find the small community of Meldrum Bay. It is a long drive as this is the largest freshwater island in the world, make sure you call ahead to make arrangements to stay at the lovely Meldrum Bay Inn . While there take a day trip to the Mississagi Strait Lighthouse where you can hike along the shore and find this exact spot. This painting does not really show the incredible beauty and isolation of this blessed spot.

Bird Watching

This painting was accepted for the Northern Ontario Art Association Juried Exhibition 2022 and received an honourable mention. I am beginning to get the Alla Prima style. I had been painting with my friend Linda every week for about 7 months and i would credit that support and encouragement for this achievement. This was painted in the midst of winter Jan 2022 when the kittens were about 8 months old. They kill anything that moves, moles, voles, mice, frogs, snakes, small rabbits and unfortunately a few birds.