Jackie visited Manitoulin Island this summer. She is a special friend of Karen (see Friendship). We hiked and went swimming at Misery Bay Provincial Park. Along the way we stopped at the sweetest self serve take out where there was homemade baking, natural ointments, fresh vegetables and the like. Places like this supply local food and you put the money in a can. This requires trustworthiness and we have a chance to burnish this gem of the spirit.

“Jackie” NEMI Painterspace #3 Nov 2022


NEMI Painterspace is is a weekly space where painters gather to hone their practice collectively. This is not class, but a chance to paint with others for mutual support and exchange of ideas. I started attending this small group of dedicated painters mid-Sep. It gives me a chance to get in brush miles and usually complete one painting a week. My last post and this one were created at the NEMI Painterspace.



Humble, soft spoken, generous, trustworthy are a few qualities that come to mind when i think of Benton. He has been our go to man for all our computer technology needs and troubleshooting. I am not sure when we met but sometime over the 22 years of my self-employment. Benton recently gave my grandson some of his handy work, a refurbished computer, and i painted this portrait of him to show my gratitude.