NEMI Painterspace is is a weekly space where painters gather to hone their practice collectively. This is not class, but a chance to paint with others for mutual support and exchange of ideas. I started attending this small group of dedicated painters mid-Sep. It gives me a chance to get in brush miles and usually complete one painting a week. My last post and this one were created at the NEMI Painterspace.


4 thoughts on “Gary

  1. Hi PAM, you are such an amazing artist. So good to see Gary looking happy 😊 and you’re both thriving. 💕 Love and 🤗 Hugs, 😎 MAK

    1. Hello Mary-Ann!!! so good to hear from you. Do you think that i have improved somewhat since i painted that painting for you years ago? I am doing mostly portraits right now and paint in oil. It has been a fun journey. Much love dear friend!

      1. Hi Pam, yessssss, your talent is growing for sure. I didn’t want to brag, but I knew it when you did The Praising Tree. I’m no artist but I know what I like 😊 so happy that you and Gary are together and he looks great. Got a self portrait? Take care, keep painting, love and hugs, MAK 😎

  2. Well funny you should ask, stay tuned, i have a self portrait on the easel, it needs a bit of work and i have my grandson here for the weekend so not much painting will be happening until next week.

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