It has been a rough year for all the people living in Long Term Care homes during C-19. On Manitoulin there have been many workarounds for visiting initially with zoom visits and then gradually making room for in person visits with caregivers having weekly Covid tests, screening, temperature monitoring, donning masks and lots of hand washing. This is a painting of a dear Baha’i friend who is in the Manitoulin Lodge in Gore Bay. Alba is an extremely patient and prayerful woman.


This was my last painting in the July portrait a day series. Hugh is a dear Baha’i friend who visited Manitoulin for the month of September 2019. He offered service to the community including counselling and massage and several workshops on his discipline of the “Korason Method for Authentic Voice and Dialogue”, you can learn more about that here Hugh Smiley . On one special occasion Hugh honoured us with a piano performance at a Music & Poetry evening in Little Current.


It always takes a few paintings in a series to get warmed up and I regret that this was the first painting in my July 2020 portrait series. Sophie is my mentor and visual arts coach who, like Valerie, is endowed with keen and penetrating eyes. Sophie Anne Edwards is a geographer, poet, visual artist… her expression in the world intermingles these disciplines in the form of geopoetics… you will learn more in this mini interview .