These kittens are innocent, take a closer look, see the utmost focus in their eyes, they are killers. They have all the instincts to survive, their mother taught them well. They bless us every day with their pure spirit and at this time of year we are grateful for the work they do, killing mice.

Bird Watching

This painting was accepted for the Northern Ontario Art Association Juried Exhibition 2022 and received an honourable mention. I am beginning to get the Alla Prima style. I had been painting with my friend Linda every week for about 7 months and i would credit that support and encouragement for this achievement. This was painted in the midst of winter Jan 2022 when the kittens were about 8 months old. They kill anything that moves, moles, voles, mice, frogs, snakes, small rabbits and unfortunately a few birds.


This little stray showed up at our place about 4 years ago. Unfortunately, our older cat Spike (very territorial and now 17), did not want to share his home with her. The only solution we found was to keep her in the spare room in the garage which we called the taj and is now known as Mocha’s apartment. The room is also my painting studio/guest room and Gary’s favorite napping place so she gets lots of company. Mocha loves to stalk and hunt outside.

Materials: Oil paint on Canvas 10″ x 10″