This little stray showed up at our place about 4 years ago. Unfortunately, our older cat Spike (very territorial and now 17), did not want to share his home with her. The only solution we found was to keep her in the spare room in the garage which we called the taj and is now known as Mocha’s apartment. The room is also my painting studio/guest room and Gary’s favorite napping place so she gets lots of company. Mocha loves to stalk and hunt outside.

Materials: Oil paint on Canvas 10″ x 10″


4 thoughts on “Mocha

  1. I love it . Wow Spike is really a tough kitty. These days I’m enjoying a different art expression with doing appliqués for a quilt. This too I’m finding gratifying. I did finish a small painting I posted last week, was fun. How do I post photos on this platform? Hugs to you both.

    1. Thank you Lana, I would like to see your appliques but I don’t think you can post a picture here. Please email or post to Facebook or Instagram. I saw your painting, the scene from you window, very picturesque.

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