A beautiful water plant with an uninspiring name. You will find Pickerelweed in lake and river edges throughout Northern Ontario. Delightful purple flowers with distinctive arrow point leaves. This one was in Bell Lake,  Killarney.

Materials: Oil on paper covered Canvas. 11″ x 14″

6 thoughts on “Pickerelweed

  1. Again, very sweet, Pam. Damn, you’re putting me to shame here. I’ve mainly been focused on wall painting and small repairs around my brothers’ house, but that’s about done. New carpet being installed as we speak. But yesterday I got started on an acrylic, I’ll call it ‘Expressway, with landscape’. I’m just starting to learn how it goes, getting this paint onto the surface, and I think it started feeling playful yesterday. I’ll send you a pic as it comes along.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Ger, do you post your paintings on a blog like this? If so I’d like to follow your work. Tom created this blog for me. It is a fun way to document my work.

      For this and the previous painting the signature is like a Japanese Hanko stamp, one round and one square. I actually painted them but I am thinking of making stamps using lino.

  2. Hello Pam,

    This is very pretty! Love the colours. Great job with the water ripples! Did you use some of the Canvas Paper I gave you for this one? If so how did you like using it?

    Have a great weekend, Sally Assinewai.

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    1. Thank you Sally, this was painted on stretched canvas. I used some of the Canvas Paper to do a colour mixing chart. I like it very much and will try a painting soon. This weekend I will work on my first triptych.

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