Thrive slowly

Low energy this winter yet managed to paint a few flowers. These two are at Cathy Boyd Fine Art Gallery in Midland. She has a special wall for us fledgling painters.

8″ x 10″ Oil paint on Birch panel

12 thoughts on “Thrive slowly

  1. Hello my friend. Happy Unhibernation!!!!

    Wonderfully work in your paintings. I wish I could see the originals.

    I am taking an art class at Parkside and we start with acrylics next Wednesday. I am ecstatic.

    Please give a call and stop in when you are in Sudbury.

    Love always Kt

  2. These are lovely, Pam. Beyond the beautiful way you’ve captured the different blossoms, I really like the intricate right-hand portion beside the poppy, and the high contrast balance of the other bloom.

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