Triadic Relation

Last week I started a reread of Gary’s book “Turning Signs” and at the same time broke my left wrist while skiing. Gary says: “We form and reform habits of doing, being, seeing and saying because we are complex adaptive systems…” With my arm in a cast my habits have had to reform and, well, gary’s too since he is now my left hand.

Chapter 1 asks us to have a beginner’s mind and to start again, again and again.

“Perfect readiness to assimilate new associations implies perfect readiness to drop old ones… To be a philosopher, or scientific man, you must be as a little child, with all the sincerity and simple mindedness of the child’s vision, with all the plasticity of the child’s mental habits.” C.S. Peirce

This will be my frame of mind as I read on. I don’t expect to understand it all, just to be open and elastic on this secret mission.

My creative reading goal is to do one drawing or painting for each chapter and post them here. My efforts are an exploration and may not make sense or even be pretty. To begin, I called this drawing a triadic relation, but it isn’t really. A triadic relation is a semiotic term for a sign, object of the sign, and interpretant of the sign. Hmmm, more about signs as i read on in the book.

I was curious about the Klien Bottle and tesseract (4D objects) mentioned and got pretty good at drawing them. The train is from the quote “The train that can be expressed is not the express train” I’ll be taking my time reading through the book and creating visual memories of my journey.

5 thoughts on “Triadic Relation

  1. Sorry about your injury Pam. I have been X-country skiing and skating this winter. I hope to see you this summer!

    Love always Katy

  2. Thanks for sharing your visual interpretation…I like the combination of linear and curving, the sense of both randomness and containment. I see water and ropes, as with large ships.

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