Keep your distance

Back in April, the early days of C-19, I was doing a painting a day that was evolving into a story about the origins of the virus. Prior to Covid we were used to hanging out with friends having potluck movie nights and getting together when interesting friends visit the Island. None of that was happening anymore. We missed our friends so gary and me went for a social distance hike with ger & gg. It was an awkward time stumbling through the woods doing our best to keep our distance and offering air hugs.

8 thoughts on “Keep your distance

    1. I appreciate your comments Cathy. The first few of the 30 days of were unrelated and then the paintings worked their way into a story. This certainly made it more interesting for me.

  1. Beautiful Paintings Pam, you have really been painting up a storm…good for you!

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    1. Hi Sally, i have been finding more time to paint and i like the commitment of doing daily painting. I did a portrait a day in July. I’ll be making a post on that soon. It sure speeds up the learning.

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