Self Portrait

I have sketched many self portraits but this is the first painting of me. It is a partner to the one of my friend Nikki that i painted earlier this year. Artists often paint themselves as they are always ready models. Often you can find the artist blending in the background of many old master paintings. I hope to do more… maybe a birthday painting a year.

4 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. Fabulous Pam. You are so vulnerable… and creative. Love you

    I have also wanted to ask you about the light from the sun last week or two. My friend and I found the sun to be so dazzling white… It blinded us completely when we were cycling. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

    Love and Light, Katy

    1. Hello Katy, thank you for your comment, it makes me happy to share my work so others can enjoy it. Just a note about cycling and the sun, always wear sunglasses, the sun is so powerful .

      Take care my friend,

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