Deer Amber

Early in the spring of 2021 we went for a hike in the forest with a young friend who recently moved to Manitoulin. Such a delightful spirit she has, ready to leap and dash through the woods in her moccasins but she wore boots as it was a little wet. She sent me a photo of moccasins that she had made. The terrain here is quite rocky and Amber, being in her prime of life, was so agile in her movement along the trail that i imagined that she was a deer. Later I covered a board with leaves and drew a picture of Amber as a deer and set the scene aside. In July i picked up the sketch and finished it.


A painting inspired by the image of a freshly picked pomegranate from Bahji posted by Sandra Lynn Hutchison. She was on a pilgrimage of healing for her beloved sister Heather Hutchison. I painted it all in one session. I had created the canvas with the little box with the orange and pine cone (both from the holy land) a few years back but it never quite worked out. Then this beauty of a pomegranate appeared and I made the connection.

“Of all pilgrimages the greatest is to relieve the sorrow-laden heart.” – ‘Abdu’l-Baha

Photo credit: Sandra Lynn Hutchison. Materials: oil on canvas 12″ x 12″